The Composer and Music Theorist Dimitar Ninov

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Samples of Music by Dimitar Ninov


First Period (1989-2000):

Piano Album: The Sparrow (1989-2004) [mp3 file; 1MB]

Song of Myself (1991) [mp3 file; 1MB]

Toccatina for Clarinet and Piano (1992) [mp3 file; 1MB]

Rondo for Piano (1992-2003) [mp3 file; 1MB]

Concerto for Clarinet and Orchestra - I (1996) [mp3 file; 1MB]

Music for Clarinet, Violin, and Piano (2000) [mp3 file; 1.2MB]

Second Period (2003-2007):

Spring Symphony - I (2003) [mp3 file; 2.5MB]

Spring Symphony - II (2003) [mp3 file; 1.6MB]

Reflections-Quintet (2003) [mp3 file; 1.5MB]

Cinderella for chamber ensemble (2003) [mp3 file; 2.3MB]

A Lonely Man's Prayer (2004) [mp3 file; 1.9MB]

Mountain Stream, string quartet No. 1 (2004) [mp3 file; 1.5MB]

Music for Violoncello and Piano (2005) [mp3 file; 1.7MB]

Music for Clarinet, Violoncello, and Piano (2006) [mp3 file; 1.7MB]

Third Period (2008-Present):

A Tale of the Water Nymphs for chamber ensemble (2008) [mp3 file; 1MB]

Inspirational Calmness, string quartet No. 2 (2008) [mp3 file; 1.3MB]

The Hunting for orchestra (2008) [mp3 file; 1MB]

All Lovely Things, song for high voice and piano (2009) [mp3 file; 1.3MB]

In the Sea Garden for chamber ensemble (2010) [mp3 file; 1.2MB]

Sonatina Pastoral for Oboe, Bassoon, and Piano (2011) [mp3 file; 10.8MB]

Capriccio for Oboe and Piano (2012) [mp3 file; 2.8MB]

Wind Quintet No. 2 (2014) [mp3 file; 5.3MB]

Moma gori momak (Maiden Burns a Bachelor) for mixed choir and orchestra (2017) [mp3 file; 6.8MB]

If Ever I am Lonely, song for high voice and piano (2019) [mp3 file; 4.3MB]


last updated on February 8, 2020