The Composer and Music Theorist Dimitar Ninov

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Recordings of Music by Dimitar Ninov


Moma gori momak (Maiden burns a Bachelor), cantata for mixed choir and symphony orchestra. Recorded for the Bulgarian National Radio by the Bulgarian National Radio Symphony Orchestra and Symphonic Choir (conductor Luben Dilov, Jr., choirmaster - Lubomira Aleksandrova). May 2019.

New Bulgarian Music, a CD, including Dimitar Ninov's works recorded at the New Bulgarian Music Festival 2019, Sofia, Bulgaria.

Excursion, for piano. Recorded by Luke Rackers on The Art of Play CD, Abundant Silence Publishing, 2011.

New Bulgarian Music 2003-2012, a set of CDs, works by Dimitar Ninov recorded at the Union of Bulgarian Composers during the New Bulgarian Music festivals 2003-2012, Sofia, Bulgaria.

A Lonely Man's Prayer, Op. 16, for violin and piano, selected among 475 submissions for the "Made in the Americas" CD, released by ERM Media in 2009.

Rondo for Piano, Op. 6, recorded at the Texas State University Music Studios by Pianist Do Hee Kim, 2007. This piece is included in the NACUSA (National Association of Composers, USA) Texas CD project, winter 2008.

Golden Leaves, a piano piece recorded on a CD in book 6 of The Festival Collection: Succeeding with the Masters. The FJH Contemporary Keyboard Editions, The FJH Music Company, Inc., 2007.

Revelation for violin, violoncello and piano, recorded in the first NACUSA (National Association of Composers, USA) CD, 2005.


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